Should you trust nature when it comes to skincare?

Should you trust nature when it comes to skincare?

It may be tempting to turn to homemade remedies in a bid to tackle problem skin. But applying household products as part of your beauty regime may actually do more harm than good. Mayonnaise, toothpaste and honey are some of the ingredients people own up to slathering on their faces when it comes to treating spots or dry skin.

But pharmacists warn against believing all the ‘old wives’ tales’ could be a risky move. Applying other ingredients could even aggravate conditions such as eczema.

Nature still knows best – with a little help

That’s not to say that all the remedies used by our ancestors are nonsense – far from it. Natural Dead Sea minerals – when expertly mixed into skin formulations have the same extraordinary beneficial effects on skin as they did centuries ago. The Dead Sea has long been renowned as a world health spa, its mineral rich waters and mud used to treat skin since the times of Cleopatra. And recent studies back up this belief, with the Dead Sea’s beneficial propensity to heal, calm and rejuvenate the skin still known to be true.

Dead Sea Premier utilizes ingredients from the Dead Sea in its skincare range. Their products bring together the wisdom of nature with cutting edge scientific discoveries to deliver benefits that draw from both nature and science. The result is an award-winning range of products that are both gentle and effective.

When it comes to treating problem skin, Dead Sea Premier’s Mask for Problematic Skin – for example - contains components that penetrate right to the heart of the skin’s cells, activating defense mechanisms and regulating problem skin. This improves the appearance of imperfections promoting a more healthy and beautiful skin.